Spaghetti diagram / Layout diagram

25 05 2010

As said in the post ABC-Analysis, i am going to provide you with useful methods in the as-analysis phase of layout improvements.

Spaghetti diagrams are used to improve the performance of processes by identifying and minimising non-value-adding activities. Value is defined as aspects of a product the customer is willing to pay for.

To create a Spaghetti diagram the performance of a number of workers, products and lifts is recorded and measured. Every actual movement and every step of their work will be displayed in the general map of the production area.

The highest priority by accomplishing a Spaghetti diagram is that the actual process flow gets visualised instead of how it should be. Furthermore it is a snapshot in time so it does not include every possible scenario.

Approach to Spaghetti diagrams:

  1. Locate or design a diagram of the workspace
  2. Mark the location where the first step of the process takes places and draw an arrow from there to where the second step happens. Continue until you have mapped all process steps
  3. Discuss the final diagram with a goal towards improving the workflow
  • A complicated diagram with many lines indicates opportunities to simplify the process
  • If the lines cross each other, explore the possibility of restructuring the workspace to create a smarter flow
  • If lines repeatedly come back to one location, see if the work performed there can be combined and performed at the same time

A example for creating a Spaghetti diagram on the easily understandable example of the kitchen:

Used Literature:

Lunau, Roenpage, Staudter, Meran, John, Beernaert (2006), Six Sigma + Lean Toolset, p.138.




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15 11 2010

hah.. awesome. nicely dumbed down

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