Unit load

7 04 2010
What is unit load about?

Most of the products sold to private and corporate consumer nowadays move along the supply chain packed in unit load. The idea of unit load was to combine many items into one bigger single “unit”. This “unit” can for example be a single container or if we think more simple just a cardboard box which contains six packs of milk.

So as you can see the advantages of unit load are enormous: It facilitates the charging and discharging of transportation vehicles (lorry, ship, plane, train) because with unit load you only have to unload some bigger units instead of many small ones. Furthermore the unit load items like containers are build extremely space-saving and can be stacked easily, this saves place and therefore also money. It is also responsible for protecting the transported goods against damage.

Summing up we can say that unit load makes handling, storage, and distribution of googds more efficient. It’s not just a logistic tool, it furthermore helps to save money!

The “bigger units” in which the smaller items get packed are called Unit Load Devices (ULD) like for example paletts and containers.

Now you should have an overview about the topic unit load. If you are more interested in this topic click this link for additional useful information concerning this topic.




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