Transportation methods

7 04 2010

To transport the unit loads mentioned in the post below there are different transportation methods (getting goods from one location to another):

  • Transportation on the land (In this method the goods can be transported by lorries on the streets or with railways on tracks both have advantages and disadvantages and both are dependent on the infrastructure. If you want to transport your unit loads/goods with railways you would need a good connection to a railway station and the desired destination as well. So you are dependent on the railway tracks. If you chose transporting your goods in lorries you would be as well dependent on the infrastructure (but not on a that high extent that with railway, but lorries are prefered driven on highways on which you have to pay more and more fees for using them). With lorries you are more flexible than with railways but if you have to transport huge amounts of goods along a long distance railways might be cheaper and more efficient. But we also have to consider the steady increasing prices for gasoline which could make transporting with lorries inefficient in the future).
  • Transportation on the water (The transportation with ships is also dependent on the infrastructure of the starting and the destination (you need at least loading/unloading harbours), it is slow but cheap for high amounts of goods and therefore used for transporting much goods from one continent to another)
  • Transportation in the air (Transportation with airplanes is like all ways of transporting goods dependent on the infrastructure. For airplanes you need airports but never the less it’s the fastest way of transportation for medium and long term destinations. But on the other hand it’s very expensive and therefore only used for “valueable” goods).

A special kind of transportation is used for the transportation of crude oil and similiar goods: They are transported through pipelines on the land or under the water across countries and oceans. If you have built the pipeline this kind of transportation is easy to use, cheap and therefore an convenient way of transporting a mass  product like oil.

An overview about different kinds of transportation is given here.




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