Just in time

4 04 2010

Hey logistic fans out there!

Due to semana santa i wasn’t able to blog in the last days but now i am back in business and i’am trying to provide you with the most exciting information concerning the topic logistc.

Firstly i want to tell you something about the principles of Just in Time (JIT), a principle which is based on the pull production system:

Definition: Just in time is the provision of the market with the needed goods, at the time when they are needed, in the appropriate quantity.

Taiichi Ohno, founder of the toyota production system

Applications of JIT:

  • Distribution:    provision with the correct demand
  • Production:      fluent production of the correct demand
  • Supply:              supply of the correct demand to the production line

Objectives of JIT:

  • žavoidance of waste which is represented by overproduction, high stocks, waiting times, errors during the production and long ways of intern transportation
  • žalignment of the activities along the value chain to the market needs to provide a customer orientated production
  • accomplish žimprovements along the whole logistical chain
But there also are some requirements if you want to implemt just in time in your company:
  • confidence in your suppliers
  • well infrastructure
  • big quantities & continous demand
  • flexible capacities
  • high inventory turnover of the goods

Advantages of just in time:

manufacturer supplier
enhancement of the productivity standardized processes
low stocks long term contracts and due that existance and overturn safety
low place requirement
shorter lead times

Disadvantages of just in time:

manufacturer supplier
only possible for repetition parts high contract penalties when problems occur
breakdown-prone limited selection of the location
high addiction to the supplier complex due the steady exchange of information

Useful literature:

Ohno, Taiichi (1988), Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production, Productivity Press.
Womack, James P. and Jones, Daniel T. (2003), Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation, HarperBusiness.

Literature to get a short overview about the topic:

Wikipedia – just in time




3 responses

5 04 2010

The post is ok, the title of the post is a bit misconfussing 😉
Linking is at the basis of internet, and also at the basis of knowledge… Please link (the video is a good link) but what about the rest?

5 04 2010

thanks for your reply jose. i changed the title 🙂 the rest is from the books mentioned below each blog and from information/presentations i’ve held or watched during my studies in germany. have you also read my blog concerning the smed?
kind regards

14 04 2010

Hi Johannes after reading your post about JIT I decided to expand this topic with just in sequence. If you want to read it take a look at my blog!(http://danielgmoe.wordpress.com/2010/04/07/extension-just-in-time/)

Best regards


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